LeeTycha Baham

"Your skill level shouldn't be a factor when considering Behind the Veil Wedding Planning Intensive! I would recommend this workshop to anyone involved in any aspect of the wedding industry! A wealth of knowledge was shared with the attendees and an enormous amount of LOVE! It's a great place to connect with people who have the same desires! It's almost been a week and I'm still floating from my experience! Thank you too Atosha Bennett and her staff, Shaun Cox, Elly B, Rhonda Patton, Monique Melton, Danielle Taylor, Sirena White, and Nivi Grimball!!! You are all truly and deeply appreciated!"

Monika Michelle

"The workshop was very informative. So much knowledge was shared. The panelists and the organizer took time to answer any questions and offer suggestions to help us in our businesses. From the speakers to creating a beautiful styled shoot on the last day, there was an opportunity to learn at every turn. I would definitely recommend this one to other planners."

Latisha Clay

"From the diversity of the speakers to the styled shoot in a beautiful historic location...this experience was definitely worth it! I strongly suggest this for any wedding industry creative. It was awesome!"

Lillian Worrell

"Atosha and her team did an amazing job at this Wedding Planner Intensive! Love your passion to see others succeed!"

Georgette Bradshaw

"I went into this with no knowledge of florals... Atosha assured me it will be okay and I must admit that I am obsessed right now. I am so anxious to practice and create my own designs!! Thank you for being so selfless with your knowledge. Thank you for showing me that I have another level!! No Fear!! See you at Florals 102!"

Runita Danielle

"I am still so motivated after attending this workshop I have become very creative and innovative with my floral designs. As a retail florist sometimes you get caught in the mundane floral designs however, Behind The Veil:Wedding Planner intensive has broaden my scope as well as assisted me in accurately pricing my work. I would recommend that regardless of your skill level if you have a passion or desire to do floral arrangements you MUST attend one or all of these workshops. Looking forward to the next. "

Cathy Jenkins

"Where to begin? Atosha is a wealth of information. She shares her knowledge freely and is happy to help and answer every question. The price point is excellent and you get a lot for your small investment. Seeing a styled shoot come together before your eyes allows you to see everything that goes into creating a spectacular event. Atosha makes it less intimidating and you leave feeling that you can conquer any event with flair. I have received numerous compliments from posting the pictures and many people look at my work as "professional" now. I even have a few referrals and leads in less than 24 hours!! I will definitely take more classes with Behind the Veil."

Angelica Desaussure-Cooper

" I had to settle down and remind myself of how Great God is and how he put people in your lane for great reasons! I was blessed to do event design but I couldn't get it started as you see I was getting the education to move forward and not getting anywhere every time Atosha would advertise a class I would say I am going then talk myself out of paying because I thought I knew everything , so I finally said I want to stop doing all this work for lesser than my jobs worth. I was the silk 🌺 queen....lol only because I didn't know the ins and outs of fresh 🌺 and thought I was saving my clients money. Well I took the 🌺 101 with no real knowledge of fresh 🌺 I am so overwhelmed with joy because of what I learned and who taught me ,that every penny spent for the class was worth it , I am just beginning to do proposals and I have two huge weddings and was going to use another vendor , but this intensive class has me wanting to do it all myself so it will be done ! Florals 102 and whatever's next I will be there !You missed 🌺 101 don't miss 🌺 102! "

Kerisha LaRae

"Loved everything about BTV Session 2 - from the speakers (all were amazing and very knowledgeable in their area of expertise) to the hands on styled shoot we participated in - phenomenal! I would definitely attend another session. This workshop helped be to put things in perspective and create a plan that I can execute from behind the scenes to actual planning of events."